Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10418: MGP Beats W+K, GS&P, TBWA, O&M, Etc.

Wanted to add a quick comment on the news involving the Marcus Graham Project and its Locomotus initiative.

According to the Advertising Age story, Lincoln Stephens and his associates have managed to help 38 alumni land agency positions over five years. In any other industry, such a total might seem miniscule—or even pathetic. But for Madison Avenue, it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Think about it. Has Dan Wieden directly hired 38 non-Whites in his entire career? Has Jeff Goodby met 38 non-Whites? It’s a safe bet that Alex Bogusky can’t personally match Stephens’ feat. Sir John Hegarty could count his receptionists and janitors and probably still not rival the accomplishments of the Marcus Graham Project. Ditto Donny Deutsch, Luke Sullivan, Lee Clow, John Seifert, Mike Hughes, Rick Boyko, Laurence Boschetto, Bob Scarpelli, Howard Draft, Sir Martin Sorrell, Michael Roth, John Wren and Maurice Levy. Hell, can a single Chief Diversity Officer individually boast results like those of Stephens?

Congratulations to Lincoln Stephens and his teammates at the Marcus Graham Project. You guys outdid the best our industry has to offer—and ultimately put them all to shame.

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