Friday, August 17, 2012

10424: The Pitch Is Coming Back.

Advertising Age reported AMC will run a second season of The Pitch. This is like learning that Popeyes intends to keep Annie the Chicken Queen as its spokeswoman.

“Simply put, we love the show,” said an AMC VP. “‘The Pitch’ hits all the criteria we look for in an unscripted show: honest characters, original premise and quality production.” Only a network executive could think there were honest characters in advertising agencies, use “original premise” to describe a copycat concept and praise the production values of a program that even participants insist was edited with a rusty chainsaw.

“I’d like to believe it will be easier to bring on agencies and brands now that they have seen the show and know what it is all about,” declared the VP. “But just like season one, it won’t be for everyone. Agencies need to decide for themselves if they want to be included.” Potential candidates must demonstrate hackneyed capabilities and delusions of grandeur.

Despite lots of negative criticism for The Pitch, there will be no changes to the program’s basic structure next season. “The show is not about deeply exploring one agency,” said the network wonk. “It’s a docu-portrayal of the creative process in the advertising industry and a real behind-the-scenes look at the pitch process.” Yeah, at shitty agencies that are clueless on the creative process and impotent on the pitch process.

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