Friday, August 31, 2012

10462: Spec Bank Conceptually Bankrupt.

Need an awful commercial or video? Try Spec Bank—claiming to be “the world’s only resource for high-concept, ready-to-shoot TV commercials from creatives at top ad agencies.” Want a sample? Here you go.

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Dan Sorgen said...

Ha! I just Googled my web site,, and saw your post. "Conceptually bankrupt" is a great phrase, though I would argue with your characterizing Spec Bank that way.
Try not to judge the quality of the hundreds of scripts from creatives at some great ad shops by this one spot, which is the work of a single director. Check out some of the other completed spots at Some are better than others, for sure (it's very hard to pull off a good spec spot), but I think you'll find a few gems.