Saturday, September 19, 2015

12858: Bull Via Buffalo Wild Wings.

Adweek reported Buffalo Wild Wings is pulling commercials featuring a comedian who lied about 9/11. The campaign was created by TBWA\Chiat\Day, a White advertising agency that lies about things like having a commitment to diversity—however, Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

Buffalo Wild Wings Stops Airing TV Ads Featuring Comedian Who Lied About 9/11

Steve Rannazzisi won’t be brand’s pitchman anymore

By Kristina Monllos

Following yesterday’s news that comedian Steve Rannazzisi repeatedly lied about surviving the 9/11 attacks, Buffalo Wild Wings and Comedy Central said they were reconsidering deals with the actor.

Now, Buffalo Wild Wings has announced it will stop airing commercials featuring Rannazzisi, who became the brand’s pitchman earlier this year.

“Upon careful review, we have decided to discontinue airing our current television commercials featuring Steve Rannazzisi,” said a spokesman for Buffalo Wild Wings in a statement.

The spots by TBWA\Chiat\Day in Los Angeles, which took over creative work for Buffalo Wild Wings last September, have been taken off the brand’s YouTube page.

The work leaned heavily on the brand’s connection to football, and using Rannazzisi made sense because he’s best known for his role as Kevin on FX’s The League.

It’s unclear how the brand will replace the current campaign, but it’s likely Buffalo Wild Wings will tap TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A. for a new campaign or use something already in its inventory.

The spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for further comment.

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Anonymous said...

That’s unfair! The agency has a huge commitment to diversity, look at how important Mexicans and beer are for them.

They even had a black person visit once, so that’s at least like four black people who have stepped through the door in the agency’s history.

Plus there are so many dogs there, yeah they outnumber black creatives by 100 to 1, but that’s doggie diversity and the agency is great at that! It's like they have their finger on everything multicultural.