Wednesday, March 08, 2017

13589: Most-Liked Are Most Alike.

Business Insider fabricated a list titled, “The 10 most-liked advertising CEOs”—which turned out to be a ranking of predominately Old White Guys (the lone exception being Teads CEO Bertrand Quesada, who appears to be a relatively Young White Guy).

There’s actually a lot to dislike about the most-liked crew. For starters, the ten men were identified using data from Glassdoor. Sorry, but AgencySpy would be a more accurate and credible source for finding likeable candidates—and to be clear, AgencySpy would be a completely shitty choice for such an endeavor. Of course, there are no holding company honchos in the group. Imagine that. Does the lack of women and minorities indicate that White men are best suited to lead advertising agencies? Or is it just that the industry’s White male dominance leaves Glassdoor respondents with no other option but to salute the existing exclusive leadership?

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