Sunday, March 12, 2017

13594: Chilliguard Ad Is Weak.

Given how women in India face so much domestic violence and sexual assault, is ChilliGuard offering enough protection? Shouldn’t the spray figure be packing a bazooka and driving a tank?

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manoj sharma said...

I don't agree with you it's a very strong ad. Visual clearly
Showing that a martial woman kicking hard formation with spray
Its clearly showing self defense and chilliguard spray is like a self defense
Spray. When we talk about self defense for woma then mostly karate fighting training
Reflects in mind not a bazooka or anything.
Message is clear that it gives you power of a woman who is strong enough
To knock out the enemy.
That's why chilliguard gives power to woman to defense them self in difficult
Its dosent belong domestic voilance or harresment etc. Its a product which
Justify it self well by this minimalistic ad.