Thursday, March 30, 2017

13615: Black, White And Grey.

A White advertising agency named Grey produced a Black commercial for Pantene, including a patronizing video claiming the new products were created by Black scientists. Looking forward to a Black inventors advertisement from Pantene next year during Black History Month. In the meantime, how many of the responsible Grey peeps are Black? Oh, and the commercial—especially with its “Strong Is Beautiful” tagline—comes off like a typically contrived and clich├ęd Black hair care spot.

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Troof said...

We've crossed this gross threshold in U.S. advertising where casting is considered the epitome of diversity.

Nobody, absolutely no one, is talking about how agencies have shut out people of color in favor of bland "diversity of thought" or "gender diversity" or "diversity as a broad concept".

So now we have ads like these that will pick up their Adcolor Award, and be used to gain brownie points for the brand and the agency, and they only have to use one single Black hairstylist behind the scenes and call it a diversity success day.

That's sad, and it doesn't look the like trend is going to reverse itself any time soon.