Saturday, March 04, 2017

13583: P&G PC BS.

Advertising Age reported that Procter & Gamble has jumped on the White women bandwagon, dumping all its brands under a diverted diversity digital campaign dubbed #WeSeeEqual. The propaganda was developed in partnership with Badger & Winters, whose Chief Creative Officer presented a sister scheme of sorts to Cannes. “We realized that because we are a leading company of brands, we can use our voice to express our point of view about gender equality,” said P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard. “We believe the world should be free of gender bias. We should have equal representation of men and women. We should have equal voice of men and women. And this should be an opportunity on International Women’s Day to put our point of view out there.” Gee, where was this douchebag during Black History Month? Surely P&G believes the world should be free of racial and ethnic bias too—and should have fair representation of people of color. Yo, My Black Is Beautiful should extend beyond hair care and makeup products.

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Anonymous said...


The same P&G that regularly sells skin WHITENING creams all over the dark skinned world, and has no qualms about creating ads that show sad brown women emerging lighter and brighter and happier after they apply their creams?

Of course they'd back a white women bandwagon feminism initiative.

They've never lifted a finger for ethnic or racial issues. Unless that finger is dipped in a pot of their skin whitening products, that is.