Thursday, July 06, 2017

13742: Poor & Prejudiced Perspective.

Campaign published a lengthy article titled, “How to embrace socioeconomic diversity,” which initially sounded like yet another diversion to avoid embracing racial and ethnic diversity. However, it appears the story is advocating for people of color by positioning them as being in a different socioeconomic class; i.e., non-Whites are not affluent like the majority of White people in the field. Why is there a tendency to embrace such biased presumptions, which typically lead to only searching for minority candidates in low-income communities? Oddly enough, the photograph illustrating the article (depicted above) shows three White men representing a socioeconomic range of citizens. However, there are never tactics that involve recruiting White applicants from impoverished neighborhoods. Then again, a poor White man still has a better chance of landing a job in adland than a wealthy person of color—unless the wealthy person of color is a famous recording artist.

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