Sunday, July 16, 2017

13752: Why Diversity Advertising Sucks.

Another indicator that diverted diversity—aka the White women’s bandwagon—has run over racial and ethnic diversity in the advertising industry can be seen by comparing diversity campaigns. That is, gender diversity advertising receives maximum attention, resources and budgets. Why, the work in this area wins major awards—and even inspires the birth of awards. Racial and ethnic diversity advertising appears to be executed by junior-level staffers from the mount room—or mailroom—who are required to use royalty-free stock photography. In the end, diversity advertising perfectly reflects, well, diversity in advertising.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. It feels damn good to be validated. I've been thinking how different the (insert ethnic history) month and diversity advertising is to gender diversity ads.

Agencies and brands have been making interns and HR admin staff put together print ads using $3 stock photos for years. That's how much they care about ethnic diversity.

White girl diversity comes along and out rolls the red carpet. Big budget productions, stunts, entire campaigns. That's how much they care about gender diversity when they mean "white female gender diversity", and it shows.