Thursday, July 20, 2017

13757: The ASA is ASS.

The BBC reported the Advertising Standards Authority is drafting new rules to fight advertisements that display stereotypical gender roles in the UK. It’s another example of diverted diversity—aka the White women’s bandwagon—running over racial and ethnic diversity. After all, the ASA should know that minorities are underrepresented in advertising campaigns, yet the organization is not drafting any rules to address the inequality—or spanking the White advertising agencies that extend the discrimination with biased hiring practices.

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Anonymous said...


White female diversity gets a party and a cake.

Ethnic diversity gets a crumb or two that falls from their table.

The ad industry's priorities have always been clear, and never changed.

They are never going to extend a real hand to get black or brown people into that party, they'll just keep diverting us at the door with an endless round of training schemes for inner city teens, unconscious bias workshops, and diversity awards handed out for ads that are ethnic on the surface in terms of casting but made by nobody of color behind the scenes.