Friday, February 15, 2008

5124: Black History Month 2008.

Through, Buick presents a BHM contest where 10 winners receive complete genealogy DNA test kits. Um, wouldn’t folks rather win a Buick?


Anonymous said...

Since the ad is targeted toward African Americans, I was surprised to see some of the categories listed under the “Select A Fact Section” in the “free ancestry toolkit”

Is it insensitive or a lack of an agency and/or client not checking details when the ad states that you can get in touch with your roots and you end up with a pull down menu which includes such items as "Year of Immigration", "Place of Origin", & "Port of Departure" to name a few.

Shouldn't Buick's AA shop, Vigilante, be tasked with keeping this from falling through the cracks?

HighJive said...

Well, there’s a combination of reasons. First, it’s probably illegal to make a contest completely exclusive to a single audience. Second, not all Blacks came via slave ships. There are certainly foreign-born Blacks (Caribbean, African, European, etc.). Those are a few reasons that immediately come to mind.

Anonymous said...

I liked that the PBS series itself was a look at the heritage/roots of its guests, but then throwing it in with a contest seems like a brand trying to piggyback on things a little too much. Yeah there were logos on the bottom of the PBS page, but it wasn’t as out in the open as this promo.