Friday, February 15, 2008

5125: Cultural Conversations Clichéd Characters, Part 2.

As explained in Part 1, cultural conversations clichéd characters are characters that join conversations relating to cultural issues and ultimately spout clichéd perspectives.

Nina DiSesa was not the only cccc sighting this week. Malek Santos appeared via online comments at’s The Big Tent. It’s unknown if Malek Santos is an actual name or fictional title, and it really doesn’t matter. Malek Santos represents a very familiar cccc type.

Malek Santos cccc tend to display open disdain and hostility toward people holding differing opinions. Rather than argue over ideas and issues, Malek Santos opts to personally attack debate participants. Conversations digress into rants against the perceived personality flaws of anyone not sharing Santos’ point of view. Examinations become executions.

Malek Santos stereotypes minorities into neat buckets: good and bad, based on Santos’ narrow—although never publicly defined—criteria. For example, Rev. Jesse Jackson is bad, while Sen. Barack Obama is good. All minorities belonging to the collective group are segregated into the two camps. Everything is black and white (or in this case, Black and Black). It’s highly unlikely that Malek Santos cccc are truly educated on the individuals being labeled. It’s even more unlikely that the people Malek Santos praises would be comfortable accepting the support.

Malek Santos is the quintessential Doubting Thomas. Anything Malek Thomas has not directly witnessed or experienced cannot possibly exist. Opponents are delusional crybabies.

Malek Santos chronically complains that critics with counterpoints are chronic complainers. It certainly creates a bizarre circle of complaint.

Perhaps Malek Santos cccc warrant a special designation: cultural conversations clichéd characters chronically criticizing complainers. Or ccccccc. Anybody got a problem with that—besides Malek Santos?

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