Friday, February 15, 2008

5127: Rock, Roll And Mariachi Bands.

That’s entertainment in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• John Mellencamp told John McCain to stop playing his tunes. Now another rocker asked Mike Huckabee to delete his music from the campaign’s playlist. Tom Scholz, the man behind 1970s rock band Boston, wrote a letter to Huckabee telling the candidate to cease using “More Than A Feeling,” also informing the Governor that he’s supporting Barack Obama. No word yet if Scholz will receive “Peace of Mind” or be “Feelin’ Satisfied.” However, given his support for Obama, Scholz could offer to give Huckabee “A Man I’ll Never Be.”

• G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo is not a child beater after all. Yayo had been accused of roughing up the 14-year-old son of a rival producer. But Yayo’s co-defendant in the case took full responsibility—and Yayo’s lawyer claimed he was actually seeking to defend the attacked boy during the 2007 event. In the end, Yayo received 10 days of community service for admitting he got out of his ride and glared at the kid. Well, if glaring is now a punishable offense for rappers, look for communities to be serviced like never before.

• A new Nielsen Company survey showed Latinos are almost twice as likely as Whites to lose TV service when the transition to digital broadcasting happens next year. Look for a public awareness campaign to be launched starring telenovela celebrities.

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Anonymous said...

McCain spokeperson: “Well who can we use then?”

Record label: “We have some leftover Fleetwood Mac from the '92 run. Some Village People. I might even have some Wang Chung out back. Hold on, lemmee check.”