Friday, September 23, 2011

9324: Big Budgets Show Big Divides.

Jim Edwards at BNET posted a report titled, “What Recession? 10 Sumptuous New Ads Show Madison Avenue Is in a Golden Age.” The story blurb read, “The country may be in recession but the ad business is not, and agencies are making commercials that are as elaborate, big-budget and sumptuous to look at as possible.” Of course, zero spots in Edwards’ collection were created by minority advertising agencies, as “big-budget” is never an adjective attached to anything associated with non-White marketing efforts (and MultiCultClassics isn’t counting the Docomo commercial from Japan). On the flipside, Wieden + Kennedy was responsible for four of the ten spotlighted ads. Wonder what ADCOLOR® Award Winner Dan Wieden would have to say about that.

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