Thursday, March 09, 2017

13590: International Diverted Diversity Day.

International Women’s Day allowed White advertising agencies and advertisers to celebrate diverted diversity with happiness and hypocrisy. Black History Month primarily presented a handful of segregated print ads featuring royalty-free photography and concept-free executions. On the flipside, International Women’s Day inspired original art events, multi-channel campaigns, digital innovations, blah, blah, blah. DDB changed its name for a day, while Goodby Silverstein & Partners wondered what the world would be like without women—despite only naming its first female partner less than five years ago. Yes, the White women’s bandwagon ran over racial and ethnic minorities and just kept driving.

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CrustOfBread said...

Watching agencies throw themselves with such passion and money and power at this one single day for women, versus the stale crusts of bread they throw at Black History Month, has been demoralizing.

It's not just the difference in enthusiasm, it's the difference in how much creative expression was encouraged, funded and allowed.

Women get expensive statues in NY, entire agencies changing their name, whole TV and web campaigns, etc. And if you look at the women the celebrated this year, they are 100% white, white, white. We're supposed to look past that and pretend it's not an issue, I guess.

Meanwhile Black issues get stock photos in print ads designed by interns, max.

The difference is duly noted.