Friday, March 10, 2017

13591: Delayed WTF 34—O&M D&I B&S.

MultiCultClassics is often occupied with real work. As a result, a handful of events occur without the expected blog commentary. This limited series—Delayed WTF—seeks to make belated amends for the absence of malice.

Adweek reported Ogilvy shat out a planet-wide restructuring that O&M Global CEO John Seifert dubbed the White advertising agency’s “next chapter”—and the paragraphs on diversity make for some decent toilet reading. Adweek wrote:

New Roles for Diversity, Growth and Communications

Worldwide Chief Talent Officer Scott Murphy will lead the Talent division, managing human resources, diversity & inclusion, learning & development and talent acquisition. As part of this move, Seifert also promoted senior partner, executive director of L&D Diane Fakhouri and senior partner, chief diversity officer Lauren Pedro to lead the global learning and diversity divisions.

In a memo to staffers, Seifert elaborated on the moves:

Our biggest asset as a company is the rich diversity of Ogilvy talent. My confidence in our future is boundless. Our next chapter mission is clear: we are a founder-branded, pervasively creative, modern marketing organization that makes brands matter. We are one Ogilvy. I get more excited about the opportunity in front of us with every interaction I have with the amazing people in this company. I am so grateful to you all for sharing the belief that so many of our leaders around the world and I share: the Ogilvy brand matters more now than ever before.

Donna has been partnering with me on all of our diversity and inclusion initiatives for the past eight years in my previous role as Chairman of North America. She is one of my most trusted and valued partners (and my favorite companion for monthly pizza night!). Given our commitment to expand our diversity agenda in all its forms—and raise performance standards for our industry overall—I’m now counting on Donna to inspire, share, and expand all of our D&I efforts globally.

Wow, that’s elevating delegating diversity to a worldwide level. Missing from the memo is a specific action plan for achieving D&I at O&M.

It seems Ogilvy was inspired by IPG, as the company website currently features a robust Diversity & Inclusion section presenting a potpourri of propaganda.

For example, Ogilvy boasts having 10 professional networks whose objectives include attracting and retaining talent. Not sure how segregated divisions foster D&I. Additionally, the Administrative Professional Network, Young Professional Network and Working Parents Network are among the silos. In other words, admins, millennials and workers with kids receive as much D&I TLC as racial and ethnic minorities—and it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the groups receive more attention than racial and ethnic minorities.

The Diversity & Inclusion section also lists awards the company has collected for combatting exclusivity, employee recognition for honors like winning ADCOLOR® trophies and supplier diversity mumbo jumbo. Why, the only thing left out is EEO-1 data to confirm the O&M D&I initiatives are igniting progress.

In regards to diversity and inclusion, the White advertising agency’s “next chapter” appears to be a reprint of every previous chapter.

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Anonymous said...

Agencies don't even bother with the appearance of ethnic diversity these days. What's the point? Clients don't notice, don't care, and life rolls on.

All agencies do is mention the vague concept of diversity & inclusion in a statement about how they support Diversity of Thought, and call it a success.

That way they can (and do) claim diversity goals are met by hiring white women, LGBT, retirees, single parents, domesticated animals with white fur, anything but black and brown human beings.

No one is going to pay any attention until another racist industry practice blows up in a client's face, or a lawsuit, and someone bothers to count how many people of color are still working in it. If any are left at that point.