Thursday, December 14, 2006

Essay 1438

Dysfunctional News in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• An AIDS advocacy group is telling drug dealer Pfizer to stop the Viagra ad campaign that promotes the pill for its recreational use. “We call on Pfizer to exercise responsibility by discontinuing marketing to men with mild erectile dysfunction, and by initiating an educational campaign on the dangers of Viagra and meth targeting men who have sex with men,” said the group. Pfizer officials denied the charges and argued, “We’ve always been committed to the safe and appropriate use of Viagra. … We always encourage men to see their physicians for the proper diagnosis.” Which is why current ads run with headlines like, “Be this Sunday’s MVP” and “What are you waiting for?”

• The New York Post reported that Omnicom is facing allegations of a financial scandal. The advertising behemoth may have set up special deals to hide losses for Web initiatives in order to inflate recorded profits in 2000. Omnicom also apparently lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission about the deals. Why does it seem like the most creative work generated by advertising agencies today is coming out of the accounting departments?

• Now federal health officials are saying lettuce caused the E. coli outbreak at Taco Bell. Seems like the investigation is being handled by the typical Taco Bell order takers.

• Don’t look for this one to appear on Oprah’s Book Club. Tell-all diva Kitty Kelley announced plans to write a book about Winfrey. Crown Publishing Group claims Kelley will “interview hundreds of sources, many of whom have never before spoken on the record about her subject.” Note to Kelley and the hundreds of potential sources: Don’t mess with Oprah.


Irene Done said...

From here on out, I can never miss a day of MultiCultClassics -- otherwise I'm likely to make grand, sweeping statements that are just plain wrong.

HighJive said...

actually, if you visit multicultclassics every day, you'll read a lot of grand, sweeping statements that are just plain wrong.