Sunday, June 24, 2007

Essay 4095

Sunday Knight News in a MultiCultClassics Monlogue…

• Religious parties worldwide are pissed off over Britain’s announcement that author Salman Rushdie will be awarded knighthood. Protestors in Pakistan chanted for Rushdie’s death. One person argued, “Earlier they had published cartoons of our Prophet, and now they have given an award to someone who deserves to be killed.” Rushdie probably hopes the knighthood comes with a suit of bulletproof armor.

• New York police said rapper Foxy Brown was robbed this weekend, with four people teaming up to steal her Louis Vuitton bag, $500 in cash, credit cards and a hearing aid. But Foxy denied the charges, telling The New York Post, “A lot of the time, people mistake me for someone else, or people always call in these false tips.” However, the cops are sticking to their story. Maybe this is another “Stop Snitching” scenario.

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