Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10991: Corey The Commercial Character.

Advertising Age reported on the recent Saturday Night Live skit featuring Corey, the One Black Guy in Every Commercial. Not sure Corey can match this guy or the Hardest-Working Man in Black Advertising.

Meet Corey, the One Black Guy in Every Commercial

High-Five! (Every 12 Seconds)

By Simon Dumenco

“Saturday Night Live,” which stirred up a lot of conversation here on AdAge.com with its recent Starbucks ad spoof, introduced a new character over the weekend: Corey, “the one black guy in every commercial,” played by Kenan Thompson in a “Weekend Update” segment. In his spare time, Corey enjoys playing drums “on the top of a Pringles can,” DJing at parties, giving out high-fives (every 12 seconds), and hanging out with “Hispanic girls with bangs and thrift-store outfits, and white guys who dance while wearing fedoras!”

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high-five or die!