Friday, February 15, 2013

10999: Jordan Zimmerman Unplugged.

Carl Warner’s contention that the advertising industry is suffering from a dearth of political conservatives takes another hit, thanks to Jordan Zimmerman, who makes the stereotypical FOX News pundit look like a liberal. The potential explanation for Zimmerman’s behavior? Um, steroids…?


Statistician2005 said...

If you have the patience, lists campaign contributions by job title and by company.

You can see every dollar of Jordan Zimmerman's political contributions to Republicans. Also Zimmerman's employees' contributions, which lean heavily Republican, even though there are some Democratic contributions, even from Zimmerman himself.

But a quick, not scientific at all survey reveals the following stats:

People listing their job title as "Creative Director" contribute about 90% to Republicans, 10% to Democrats

People listing their job title as "Art Director" contribute about 75% to Republicans, 25% to Democrats.

People listing GSD&M as their employer contribute about 90% to Democrats, 10% to Republicans.

Saatchi employees, about 85% Democrat, 15% Republican.

Draftfcb, about 98% Democrat, 2% Republican.

Campbell Ewald, about 25% Democrat, 75% Republican.

McCann Erickson, about 90% Democrat, 10% Republican.

BBDO, 88% Democrat, 12% Republican.

DDB, 95% Democrat, 5% Republican.

TBWA, 98% Democrat, 2% Republican.

AKQA, 90% Democrat, 10% Republican.

Crispin Porter, 90% Democrat, 10% Republican.

You'd have to do a further breakdown, but Zimmerman Advertising sticks out, with Campbell-Ewald, as an anomaly in the statistics.

HighJive said...

Gee, dude,chill out already.