Thursday, February 12, 2015

12507: Viewpoint 100% Unreadable.

Kraft Director of Data, Content and Media Julie Fleischer whined, “You Wouldn’t Accept 70% Performance Elsewhere, So Why Should We With Viewability?”—and ultimately proved again that her digital ignorance is well above 70 percent. Hell, it might even exceed 100 percent.

Advertisers have always accepted far less than 70 percent performance. For example, commercials have not guaranteed viewership ever since consumers realized a TV break could be a toilet break—plus, digital and cable presented more ways to avoid spots. Direct marketing like junk mail routinely declares victory for .7 percent response rates. Does any magazine or newspaper promise 70 percent readership? Any radio station hawking 70 percent listenership? This topic has been argued before, yet Fleischer continues to call out her computer cluelessness. The woman must stop applying traditional advertising standards to digital marketing.

Here’s a better question—with added relevance for Black History Month: “You wouldn’t accept discriminatory exclusivity from vendors involved in your supplier diversity efforts, so why co-conspire with White advertising agencies where diversity is a dream deferred and denied?”

BTW, the Kraft website—depicted above—is 110 percent not worth viewing.

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