Friday, February 20, 2015

12524: BHM 2015—Toyota.

Well, at least Toyota didn’t salute Black History Month with B.B. King on a slave plantation.


Ugjustug said...

Is there some rule that BHM ads have to me made with the cheapest generic photos, writing and creativity possible?

Don't we deserve more?

Anonymous said...

Tell me that's not a typo/error in the last sentence of copy.

Because if Toyota's idea of Black History Month is letting white agencies film B.B. King King ads on a slave plantation, and giving cheap halfassed ads like this one in Ebony the shaft and no once over, that's just heartbreaking.

HighJive said...

To Ugjustug:

Ha! Wouldn’t be surprised if the photo of Garcia is just a stock image too.

To Anonymous:

Hell, the comma in the headline is questionable too.

piccolo said...

Black History Month = sloppy seconds