Wednesday, March 18, 2015

12583: Creative White Women Rule.

These are the 30 most creative women in advertising,” according to Business Insider. Aside from a couple of Latinas and an Asian woman, it reads more like the 30 most creative White women in advertising. It’s a safe bet that minorities account for less than 3% of creative females in adland.


PerLosusual said...

Couple of Latinas?

No. There's a non US minority Brazilian working abroad, which is not a part of Latin America.

There's one US Latina.

And there's always someone married to a Latino or an Italian who has a Latinish last name and gets mistaken for Latin, but isn't.

So this is just another list of white women doing their status quo thing.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a super push, especially last year in 2014, then now in 2015 to boost women, especially white women into high level creative positions. White Women make up more than 47% of agencies so I dont get why they are crying foul. The majority of HR are white women too. So I call BS when I hear women crying about the hardships they face in the advertising world. Take a look at any advertising blog, and theres a white women promoted to CD or ECD every week.
On the other hand blacks and hispanics should be screaming and piketing agencies across the country they make up less than 5% of GM agencies on a given day. Where are the black & hispanic voices? Where are the minority diversity folks? They seem to be silent.

frustrated said...

Where are we? Speaking from personal experience, we've been punished for speaking up. I've gotta eat, man. Literally getting told recently to stop making noise at my agency or I'd lose my livelihood was a wakeup call.

I made the fundamental mistake of asking if we were targeting minority audiences with a minority message, maybe we should have one or two people from that minority group in the discussion.

I'm looking for jobs in digital now.

tRavel_lagged said...

The minority diversity folks have been drowned out by the nice white ladies. I remember in 2013 or 2014 it seemed like we had some traction. And then the 3% Conference came along and killed what little momentum there was. I don’t know, maybe that was a sign there was no momentum or hope for change in the first place. Now all the convos are just white female ECD this, white female ECD that. Agency folk seem like they enjoy hiring white women this year, and then patting themselves on their backs for hitting diversity milestones. Game over. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

And who exactly is going to speak up for us?

Minority individuals at agencies get slapped down, or frozen out of the industry when they talk out.

Or worse, drowned out by 3% Conference, co-opters the entire diversity discussion these days.

NAACP, Al Sharpton etc. are getting big checks from the brands so they're not going to make noise. Never have, never will.

Meanwhile we're left with maybe what, 2%, 3% minorities working in ad agencies in America?

And we can't even talk about that because the foreign holding companies won't release data. If they do, they'll just inflate the numbers by including Brazilian creatives and offshore Indian programmers in there. It's what they do now.

So waiting for the teeny tiny handful of us working in advertising to speak up, when no one has listened to us for decades, isn't going to happen.

Internet is probably the smartest way out. Getting out of advertising altogether. Viva Black Twitter.

1982TO said...

Top news at 3% Conference's FB page yesterday.

Another celebration of another white woman getting named ECD.

I am blinded by the bright white light of diversity. So. Much. Diversity.