Saturday, March 21, 2015

12587: Weight Watchers Sheds W+K.

Adweek reported Weight Watchers lost weight—by dumping Wieden + Kennedy after less than a year. The Portland-based shop won the account through Corporate Cultural Collusion, and it looks like W+K lost the business when the collusive client contact left Weight Watchers. As previously noted, W+K’s recent KFC win—also a result of Corporate Cultural Collusion—seemed to fly in the face of the anti-fast food messaging displayed via the Weight Watchers campaign. Then again, heaping helpings of hypocrisy are typically on the menu of nearly every White advertising agency.

Weight Watchers Seeks a New Lead Agency

Wieden + Kennedy exits after less than a year

By Kristina Monllos

That was fast. After less than a year with Wieden + Kennedy, Weight Watchers is looking for a new lead agency.

It is unclear if Weight Watchers is working with a consultant or how far along the company is in its search. A company representative declined to provide further detail.

Weight Watchers is changing its marketing execution and as part of those changes the company has split with W+K, according to a statement from Maurice Herrera, svp of marketing at Weight Watchers.

The news follows the departure of Lesya Lysyj who served as president of Weight Watchers in North America until late February.

W+K won the business without a review last spring after Lysyj took the reins at Weight Watchers. The agency had worked with Lysyj when she was chief marketing officer at Heineken USA. In January Weight Watchers ran its first Superbowl spot created by W+K.

“We are proud of the work we produced in the short time together,” said Tom Blessington, managing partner at W+K in Portland. “It was a great team and we wish them nothing but the best of luck.”

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