Saturday, August 10, 2019

14721: Deutsch Divertsity Distortion & Downright Deception Dumbly Delivered.

Adweek interviewed Deutsch New York CEO Val DiFebo, who hyped her advocacy for diversity and inclusion by claiming:

As a member of the ANA’s Educational Foundation Board, our goal is to educate students about the diverse world of advertising today. One of my first initiatives was to broker and update the AEF’s “Industry Conversations” video series to feature stories with dynamic executives from various disciplines and backgrounds. We then created “Breaking Into Advertising,” an IGTV series with young industry talent providing relatable and valuable advice on starting a career in advertising. By sharing these stories, we’re able to pave the way for a more broad swath of people to enter the field, one of the most important issues facing our industry.

Brilliant. Perpetuate another heat shield by recruiting colored students. DiFebo immediately followed with divertsity distortion on promoting White women. Of course, she dodged mentioning firing Deutsch’s Diversity Director—who happened to be a woman—because the agency allegedly didn’t want to continue investing in inclusion. DiFebo should change her name to DiFibber.

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Anonymous said...

It's maddening how ad agencies can have a white woman talk about diversity in lieu of actually hiring diversity, mention they're helping launch a program for educating POC infants in the womb to LEARN about advertising (without ever hiring any diverse adults), and stall and exhale hot air year after year after year without doing a single damn thing.

We see through you, Val DiStalling DiFibbio.