Sunday, November 08, 2009

7230: Save! Save! Save!

This actual craigslist ad is from a self-proclaimed turnaround artist offering to save Kmart and Sears. We can do the same with two words: Dump Draftfcb.

I can save Kmart and Sears (United States)
Date: 2009-11-07, 2:27AM CST
Reply to:

I can save Kmart and Sears GUARANTEED.

Sears has been around since people used to wait for the new catalogs (also before toilet paper).

Kmart started the big discount store.

Both these companies have become Wal-Martized.

They forgot how they got started and what brought them to 2009.

I can save Kmart and Sears. No money down.

If Kmart and Sears will contract with me for an advertising/marketing/promotion, I will guarantee 20% instant sales gains overall. Sales of the items on promotion will also increase 20%.

To refresh the math:
If I can contract with Kmart and Sears (I have worked for both companies) I will guarantee 20% increase in total sales and 20% sales increase for items on promotion.

I have over 30 years retail experience, most as multi unit manager, district manager, regional manager, owner of multiple stores.

I can save: Kmart and Sears
Box 222
Walled Lake, MI 48390

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Anonymous said...

If this person has the balls to proclaim they can save Kmart and Sears, they must be a miracle worker.

I hope they get a chance to do it.

Kmart and Sears management really don't know what customers want.

Kmart and Sears have needed something new for years. Both these companies are dead weight.