Friday, November 06, 2009

7228: ANA Masters Of Deception.

The Association of National Advertisers is holding its annual powwow this weekend. The official agenda for the ANA 2009 Masters of Marketing doesn’t include any references to diversity. Bob Liodice will likely be asking peers to join The Army between events. However, Liodice did unveil the Marketer’s Constitution, which dumped a nod toward inclusiveness into the 7th commandment. The Marketer’s Constitution, of course, does not require ANA members to uphold the U.S. Constitution in regards to hiring practices on Madison Avenue. Thanks, Masters!

Marketer’s Constitution

1. Marketing must become increasingly targeted, focused and personal.
2. Marketing must build real, tangible and enduring brand value.
3. Marketing must become more effective — more creative, insightful and accountable.
4. Marketing must become more integrated and proficient in managing expanding media platforms.
5. The marketing supply chain must become more efficient and productive.
6. The marketing ecosystem - including agencies, media and suppliers — must become increasingly capable.
7. Marketing professionals must become better, highly skilled, diverse leaders.
8. Marketing must be indisputably socially responsible.
9. Marketing must be unencumbered by inappropriate legislation or regulation.
10. The marketing discipline must be elevated and respected.

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HustleKnocker said...

Constitution? More like Constipation.