Wednesday, November 04, 2009

7221: Confessions Of An Advertising Industry.

Wanted to make one more quick point regarding Laurence Boschetto’s perspective.

Boschetto opened with: “The intense, ongoing scrutiny our industry has undergone for insufficient diversity and inclusion has been well-documented — and warranted.”

Add Boschetto to the growing list of leaders — including Dan Wieden, Rick Boyko, Mike Hughes, John Seifert, Bob Liodice, Nancy Hill, Bob Scarpelli, etc. — who have essentially admitted that our industry has failed in its responsibilities toward diversity. Looks like Cyrus Mehri can put aside any potential lawsuit, as Madison Avenue honchos are offering full confessions.

Does any other profession allow such admissions to be consistently repeated without assigning penance? What makes things worse is Boschetto recently received a shiny new Mosaic Award to prove insufficient efforts will not only be tolerated — they’ll be rewarded.

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