Thursday, November 26, 2009

7280: ANA MCM BS.

While scanning through past posts, MultiCultClassics discovered more evidence that the ANA is full of shit in regards to multicultural marketing and even diversity. At the 2009 Masters of Marketing conference held earlier this month, Bob Liodice polled ANA members and learned the majority had never engaged multicultural specialists. This revelation is no surprise. However, almost exactly one year ago, the ANA released a report about multicultural marketing. Of the executives surveyed in the report, 77 percent claimed to have multicultural marketing initiatives, with 66 percent indicating their company’s efforts have increased over the past few years. Who’s zooming who? Either the 2008 survey participants were liars or not an accurate representation of ANA members—or both.

Here’s what Liodice proclaimed in 2008:

“A focused multicultural marketing strategy is vital to building brands and driving business growth,” said Bob Liodice, President and CEO of the ANA. “Our research shows that multicultural marketing programs are growing and will continue to do so in the future. However, marketers are frustrated and concerned about program quality, with less than half expressing satisfaction with their firms’ efforts to date. There is substantial upside opportunity that can be tapped with the right investment strategies and with well-structured integrated marketing and accountability programs.”

Given his 2009 polling figures, Liodice has obviously failed to persuade his compatriots to fully embrace the cause and make progress. One can only wonder about his ability to recruit for The Army.

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