Monday, December 03, 2012

10809: Alleged Award-Winning Hypocrisy.

Agency Spy posted a Blind Item about an HR director who allegedly accidentally sent an agency-wide email including an attachment listing each staffer’s salary. Tipsters claimed the figures showed female workers being paid significantly less than male counterparts, as well as a bunch of inconsistent pay standards. Now, it’s no big secret that incomes can vary widely at shops—even for equal positions—as a variety of subjective criteria factor into employment agreements. Then again, a clear pattern of discriminatory pay levels could inspire legitimate legal actions. To make matters worse, the post comments identified the agency as JWT Atlanta, sponsor and coordinator of the Bill Sharp Award for diversity in the industry. So if it’s true that the shop has a biased payroll, the place deserves an award for hypocrisy—but don’t expect them to display it in the company trophy case.

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