Saturday, December 08, 2012

10822: Digital Versus Old White Guys.

Digiday editor Brian Morrissey wondered, “Do Brands Have an ‘Old White Guy’ Problem?” The question actually emerged via a taped interview featuring Hennessy Director of Digital Montana Triplett. At about 19:30 into the video discussion—which was part of the Digiday Brand Summit—Triplett quipped, “In our business, we work with a lot of old White guys, and they are used to…the trade…they like their POS and they want more trade dollars. And they don’t understand this digital thing, and they don’t really care about a like.” Not sure Triplett’s old White guys are directly related to the Old White Guys this blog has identified over the years. Rather, it appeared as if the Hennessy executive was fueling the flames of the stereotypical digital versus traditional battle. It should be interesting to see if there is any fallout or negative response to Triplett’s revelation. It’s one thing for the group’s members to refer to themselves as Old White Guys—but they tend to take offense when others tag them with the label. Hell, the Hennessy Director of Digital may be asked to meet with the Hennessy Director of HR. Or with Socialistic CEO Colleen DeCourcy.

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