Sunday, December 09, 2012

10829: Make The Logo Dignified.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the uproar caused by the University of California’s new logo. As even the online comments for the story indicate, everyone wants to be a design critic—not unlike when graphic updates happened for brands including Pepsi, the Gap, JC Penney, Tropicana and more.

Online protest rages over ‘ugly,’ ‘undignified’ new UC logo

Some students and alumni have started an online petition to drop the University of California’s new and simpler logo.

“The old logo is elegant. The new one looks like a logo from a bad online university,” one person wrote on a Facebook page devoted to the issue.

“I want to keep the dignity of the UC seal,” another wrote.

The new logo has a solid “U” containing a “C” resting at the bottom, in various colors. Foes contend it “does not represent the stature and honor of the University of California.”

They want the 10-campus system to use the traditional circular medallion that shows an open book, the motto “Let There Be Light” and the 1868 date of UC’s founding. Or find a dignified alternative.

UC system spokeswoman Dianne Klein said critics wrongly assume that UC is eliminating the traditional symbol. In fact, that will remain on all diplomas and official correspondence such as presidential letters, among other uses.

But she said the old logo does not reproduce well in small size on Internet pages and that UC wanted something more visually contemporary and versatile, especially for online efforts to seek donations and recruit applicants.

“Like anything with design and change, people have opinions,” Klein said. She added that alumni, students and parents were consulted about the new design, which was created by an in-house design team at no extra cost to the university.

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