Sunday, December 16, 2012

10845: CÎROC’s Weekend In Vegas.

Just spotted this one-year-old CÎROC Ultra Premium commercial from Sean Combs’ Blue Flame Agency—starring Combs playing himself in a piece that feels like a Las Vegas tourism spot. What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas. Combs follows other hip hop artists with delusions of marketing grandeur, attempting to conceal the lack of a concept with celebrities, slick production values and copyrighted music. In explaining the Rat Pack tribute, Brand Manager Combs said, “The Rat Pack defined the art of celebrating in style. I cannot imagine a Spirit more suitable for commemorating life with family and friends than CÎROC; a brand that has become synonymous with celebratory occasions.” Frank Sinatra probably would have punched Combs in the face for using his song to advertise fruity vodka.

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