Thursday, May 12, 2016

13188: The Havas Dysfunctional Family.

Campaign spotlighted Havas Chief Talent Officer Patti Clifford, who bragged about the agency’s 56 percent female majority. First of all, Havas Chief Talent Officer is an oxymoron. And Clifford is a regular moron. Commenting on an onboarding program that explains to new staffers the agency connections to enterprises like the Bolloré Group, Clifford gushed, “Regardless of where an employee joins the Havas Group, they will know they are part of a bigger connected family.” Yes, and the bigger connected family runs on nepotism.


Anonymous said...

Great. Since they've apparently solved gender diversity, can they maybe move on to ethnic diversity in advertising?

Or do we still have to get in line behind the white LGBT, white working moms, white elderly, white physically handicapped, and white mentally handicapped "diversity of thought" subgroups first?

I can never figure out where we fit in there, I just know it's "last."

sa_ad said...

Interesting how the woman who did absolutely nothing about diversity when she was in the West, and whined that diversity was about more than just black women when she went back to South Africa (this one: is now trading in diversity stock:

NOW she thinks Directors of Diversity are the solution. Because we all know how effective those are in the UK and the States :/

If I wanted to stall more people of color from entering ad agencies, I’d do what she’s suggesting in South Africa. Make sure they can only enter through a high school training programme, waste their time in diversity schemes, and ensure that there’s a Director of Diversity at each agency to funnel the bare minimum of ethnic hires through the back entrance while everyone white floods in through social connections via the front.