Saturday, May 28, 2016

13205: Campbell Ewald Get Out Day.

AgencySpy reported Campbell Ewald axed 10 percent of its staff in the past month, speculating the downsizings were the result of four client defections—three of which were directly tied to the Ghetto Day debacle. For years, Chief Diversity Officers have insisted diversity and inclusion are good for business. It’s always been a tough notion to prove, however, as the chronically exclusive advertising industry has never had a clear example to cite as a standard. Yet now there’s evidence that a lack of diversity and inclusion—coupled with blatant racism—is bad for business. Thanks, Campbell Ewald!


thanks said...

Thank you USAA. Bold move to be the first to pull out of that agency in response.

HEOTS said...

All they're doing is reorganizing and shuffling staff around within the holding company. Some people are getting let go but a lot more people seem to be popping up elsewhere working on the same accounts, but on the down low.

Don't weep for Campbell Ewald, holding agency has it covered and is protecting their own ass like they always do.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But now they'll have to do all their ass covering with a lot less money. And some will never wash off enough of the lingering stench of "racist" rep that makes future recruiters reconsider. It's not nearly enough, but still counts as a win.