Thursday, May 26, 2016

13203: Dancing With Diversity.

Google saluted Frankie Manning, Ambassador of Lindy Hop and swing dancing. Meanwhile, when asked about diversity, Google tends to start tap dancing.


On The Top said...

It's perfectly in line with the way advertising diversity is going these days.

Brown and black and diverse up front, white as ever in the back.

What makes me sad is that most people will accept this surface only casting as proof that the world is more diverse, even though behind the scenes I'm seeing fewer, not more, people of color in the agency ranks.

It's like the white ad world figured out that if you add a few mixed race faces and families to the acting and modeling pool, voila. Instant Diversity, no need to do any of those other pesky things like actual hire anybody to work in an agency full time.

Mix212 said...

Isn't this the black corporate video guy at JWT who said Gustavo Martinez's comments about rape and black hotel guests were blown out of proportion?