Monday, December 24, 2007

Essay 4885

For pharmaceutical advertising, breakthrough concepts involve having fun with legal disclaimers.

[MultiCultClassics often critiques questionable work created by multicultural advertising agencies. But the truth is, in terms of volume, percentages and any other measuring standard, the majority of lousy ideas are produced by White agencies. In the spirit of inclusion, this week MultiCultClassics spotlights some White ad trash.]


Make the logo bigger said...

Yeah, that one is my all-time fav pharma spot actually. Celebrex’s two-minute warning.

HighJive said...

wow. the copywriter's role is essentially proofreader for the lawyer's script.

Make the logo bigger said...

The best part, besides the repeating music, was just when you think it's over, (:60 for this shit being even too long), the VO continues: “Let’s dig deeper...”

Oh no.

You wonder who approved a two-minute spot like this and said, “Yep, prime time is right where we need to be with this.”