Monday, December 31, 2007

Essay 4919

The final 2007 MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Adweek reported that Suzuki is seeking street cred for its sport bikes. So the brand bought some rappers. Wow, that’s unexpected. Might have been easier to ride with any upcoming sequels for The Fast and the Furious or Biker Boyz. The co-president of Questus, the agency behind the online and outdoor campaign, declared, “This is a different sort of branding effort for Suzuki.” Too bad it’s not different for any other advertiser targeting young Blacks and Latinos. Read more here.

• Justice is blind, but apparently not colorblind. A lawsuit charges the Judge Judy television show avoids Black litigants. The suit, filed by an ex-producer insisting he was axed for complaining about the alleged discrimination, claims another senior producer told staffers, “We’re not doing any more Black shows,” and “I don’t want to hear Black people arguing.” Producers were instructed to send Blacks to the Judge Joe Brown show. It would be great to let Judge Mathis deal with this case.

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