Saturday, December 29, 2007

Essay 4913

Time for a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Looks like it might be Hammer Time after all. Stanley Burrell—a.k.a. MC Hammer—is launching a Web site called The site will let visitors share and watch dance videos. Burrell will act as co-founder and chief strategy officer. “There is no high-tech lingo or business strategy that you can talk that is above my head,” said Burrell. “I breathe this stuff.” He’s too legit to quit.

• The New York KFC restaurant that gained notoriety when a video showed rats scurrying about the place has been replaced by a T-Mobile store. No word if customers can add a rodent to their Fave 5.

• Supporters of presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich are pissed off at Pizza Hut for a commercial that includes the Democrat making a comment about UFOs. Kucinich received unwanted publicity when he revealed he once saw a UFO. “I am going to encourage all Kucinich supporters to boycott your restaurant until you change your ‘debate’ advertising,” wrote an online supporter. “That was a low blow to a viable, electable presidential candidate. Consider the word OUT! I also think Pizza Hut should publicly apologize to the Congressman!” Anyone who believes Kucinich is an electable candidate must be from another planet.

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Hammer’s duties will also include being change of costume agent.