Thursday, June 01, 2017

13698: Worldwide Exclusivity At Arc.

Adweek reported, “Leo Burnett Group’s Arc Worldwide Expands After Winning MillerCoors”—plus, the firm hired or promoted seven executives. The accompanying photo (depicted above) shows the leadership at Arc Worldwide is not exactly reflecting worldwide diversity.

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ChicagoNeverForgets said...

I was just informed about a huge upcoming Coors campaign, directed at the Hispanic community, that's not using a single Hispanic partner behind the camera. Not many in front of the camera either. Coors is currently casting for talent that "looks" Hispanic or ambiguous (they apparently don't care enough to use any real Latinxs, "ambiguous" is close enough I guess).

It's going to be filmed in an "authentic Latino barbershop" and an "authentic Latino carniceria (butcher shop)" but have no "authentic Latinos working in advertising" behind it.

This wall of non ethnic faces in the Arc photo is par for the course for MillerCoors. They take, take, take from black and brown communities but keep all the jobs and resources for white folks.