Friday, June 23, 2017

13723: Leo Burnett Burning…?

AgencySpy posted about creatives at Leo Burnett protesting the Publicis Groupe ban on award shows and trade shows in 2018. When the White advertising agency noticed industry equality would not happen for at least 66 years, they launched a tumblr demonstration. When threatened with the loss of trophies for a mere year, they deface their own headquarters and mount a global revolt. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Head of the holding company says 'no awards' and the entire agency family has to deal. They can protest, but they still have to deal.

But somehow those holding company CEOs can't be bothered to do anything about diversity in their agencies. Even though though they obviously have the power to command them to do whatever they want.

Priorities, priorities. Saving money on awards shows is more important than saving the creativity, livelihoods and careers of people of color.