Thursday, May 08, 2008

5446: Moving Too Fast.

Slowing down with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• R. Kelly and his lawyers are trying to delay the singer’s child pornography trial yet again, this time citing the increased press surrounding the revelation that a witness will testify she engaged in a three-way with Kelly and the alleged victim. One of Kelly’s lawyers said in court, “We are asking your honor to continue the case in light of the torrent of publicity over the weekend, specifically the front page of the Sun-Times, articles on pages 3 and 15, along with three pictures of Mr. Kelly and quotation of sources about leaked information.” Nothing like creating more publicity by complaining about increased publicity.

• An ex-Weather Channel anchorwoman won her sexual-harassment suit against her male co-anchor. The woman charged the ex-associate with making unwanted advances, including lewd remarks like, “Will you lick my swizzle stick?” You’d think a weatherman could do better, perhaps trying lines like, “I’d like to catch you in a shower,” or, “There’s a pressure front building in my boxers.”

• Rapper and actor DMX was busted by again for speeding, this time flying 114 mph in Arizona. Maybe he was on his way to the opening of Speed Racer.

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Anonymous said...

You ever read Paul Laurence Dunbar?

Here are eight lines from a poem of his:

Enthroned upon the mighty truth
Within the confines of the laws,
True Justice seeth not the man,
But only hears his cause.

Unconscious of his creed or race,
She cannot see, but only weighs;
For justice with unbandaged eyes
Would be oppression in disguise.