Thursday, May 15, 2008

5477: All The News That’s Shit To Print.

Not sure why The Chicago Sun-Times thought this story was worth publishing. Then again, not sure why we’re posting it too…

Potential juror: R. Kelly’s ‘not very smart’


No jurors were added Wednesday to the panel that will weigh the R. Kelly child pornography case, though two white men appear likely to be picked.

Prosecutors said they would accept them, but it was unclear how the defense voted.

One of the likely jurors recently graduated from the University of Kansas. The other likely juror, who has a goatee and appeared to be in his 30s, said he knew little about Kelly and had no opinion of the justice system.

Kelly heard some tough words from potential jurors. A white woman, asked if she had formed an opinion of Kelly, wrote on her questionnaire, “Yes, he’s not very smart.”

Kelly looked up, a hurt expression on his face. Most of the time, Kelly has appeared not to be paying attention. The R&B superstar has appeared to be writing on yellow Post-it notes, then sticking the notes into his pockets.

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