Monday, September 01, 2014

12030: Subway Yoga Positions.

Saw the Subway ad above and found the headline peculiar—it almost reads as if the sandwich maker’s bread has been sitting on the store racks for years. Later discovered it’s part of a campaign to spotlight Subway bread. For Subway to build a concept around the outer part of a sandwich would be like Mickey D’s hyping sesame seed buns or Chipotle singing the praises of its flour tortillas.

Further Google searches showed Subway took a recent PR hit over bread ingredients, including a chemical—Azodicarbonamide—typically used to make yoga mats. The chemical is actually called out in the TV spot.

As luck would have it, Subway ran a Latino spot with a yoga theme a few years ago.

And of course, there’s at least one parody spot playing off the Azodicarbonamide controversy.

Can’t believe no one thought to team up Jared with this woman for a commercial.

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