Friday, September 19, 2014

12078: Color Commentary Continues.

And the hits keep coming for the Tiffany R. Warren interview at AgencySpy.

trudathomey responded to KeepingItReal123 by typing:

I’ll spot you your ‘sham’ and raise you with ‘fraud.’

She’d be more useful if [she] had hiring authority.

Right now, she’s a living, breathing heat shield that let’s Omnicom’s shareholders point to her whenever the conversation of race comes to the forefront.

At some point, we actually need to stop having a conversation about the fantastically esoteric concept of ‘diversity’ in the advertising industry, and start interrogating the questions surrounding why talented minority applicants either aren’t being hired (at gen-market shops) or treated so horridly when they are that they swear never to step foot near an ad agency again.

Why is it off the table to just say this industry—and the overwhelming majority of white hiring managers in it—are just crown-to-sole racist? Has racial segregation ever happened by accident in the United States? Do white americans have some fantastic history of willingly desegregating any public or private setting, absent strong arm tactics from Washington?

If you’re working in an agency in a major city, given the massive demographic shifts that have swept this country in the last three decades and don’t have a person of color in any department, you’ve got to wonder why you feel comfortable enough to keep going in there everyday.

It’s likely you’re the reason why the industry looks like it does.

NotJustMe supplemented trudathomey with the following:

“Right now, she’s a living, breathing heat shield that let’s Omnicom’s shareholders point to her whenever the conversation of race comes to the forefront.”

THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT. I’m glad someone else had the same experience.

LetsBeHonest chipped in:

Tiffany gets paid very well and checks off the Corporate-African-American-Female-Executive-box which all large corporations self-impose. Diversity goes beyond being African-American. Sadly, we live in a country that can only see in black & white.

Tiffany — if you’re not getting minorities hired at advertising agencies, then what are you really doing beyond stating the obvious…?

International award shows (Cannes) hand out awards to diverse groups such as Asians, Hispanics, Africans, African-Americans, Caucasians and everyone under the sun. It all comes down to talent — not skin color!

Othello wrote:

The higher I go the less black people I see.

AyAyAy added:

How did they manage to lock out Latinos entirely? In Los Angeles, no less. Impressive.

And shiiiiiiiit declared:

NOTHING more bullshit than a diversity officer. Another symptom of the disease which is our PC world.

Looks like the ADCOLOR® enthusiasts are steering clear of this thread.

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