Saturday, September 27, 2014

12104: Unhappy Campers.

Digiday published a story titled: Why agency people are so unhappy—which drew 95 comments from visitors over the course of a week. AgencySpy countered with its own take on the Digiday piece, drawing over 50 comments in a day. It’s hard to view either comment thread very seriously. After all, Digiday’s audience is not advertising agency-friendly. In fact, it’s highly unlikely the typical Digiday visitor even understands agency life, as most of them have never experienced it firsthand. On the other hand, the typical AgencySpy visitor is just plain unfriendly—with a limited understanding of life, period. The two audiences appear to ignore the general unhappiness among workers across all fields in the United States—and around the world. It’s nothing unique to advertising agencies, and trying to claim that it is merely demonstrates ignorance common to both sites’ fans. As well as both sites’ staffers.

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