Thursday, September 18, 2014

12073: Does NFL Need Female CMO?

Adweek published a piece titled, “9 Women the NFL Should Consider for Next CMO”—however, the trade journal failed to include Pam Oliver. But seriously, does the NFL really need a woman in the CMO role? Despite the figures showing women comprise up to 45 percent of the league’s fans, are they truly a major target audience, especially in terms of profit? The advertising that runs during televised games surely doesn’t reflect that. Additionally, the NFL’s former (and interim) CMO was promoted to a global role, perhaps indicating the league sees greater potential wooing audiences abroad versus broads (sorry, couldn’t resist). Besides, it’s not like any CMO could affect the issues plaguing the NFL right now. The public doesn’t even know who a CMO is or what he/she does. The NFL needs to create a completely different position, perhaps titled something like Director of Ethics and Moral Conduct. Just a thought.

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