Sunday, September 21, 2014

12083: Explains explains the thinking behind the new Lexus NX commercial—although the behind-the-scenes video ultimately shows there’s no thinking behind the work.

From BrandRepublic… discusses Lexus ad in new behind-the-scenes footage

By Louise Jack

Lexus has released some new footage from behind-the-scenes of its recently launched “facet city” ad for the Lexus NX.

The behind-the-scenes film shows a selection of action shots from the ad shoot with an interview with artist, who stars in the ad.

He explains the premise of the ad. “The car is a geometric masterpiece and all the things the NX passes [in the ad] resemble the car’s aesthetics.”

He adds that his role in the ad is to spot the car as he is emerging from a club and take a “double-look” and appreciate its geometry.

The film is set to the star’s track, ‘Dreaming about the Future’. As part of the wider campaign is designing his own limited edition version of the NX.

The ad launched on Wednesday evening.

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