Thursday, September 18, 2014

12077: MediaBistro Hearts Blacks.

Ah-ha. Here’s the explanation for AgencySpy publishing the Tiffany R. Warren interview: MediaBistro is sponsoring a Here Are All The Black People event.

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Anonymous said...

Prediction: The event will consist of a bunch of low level newly hired agency employees accepting resumes.

No one with any hiring power will be there, or agencies will send in that one NY diversity firm that pretends to be the in-house diversity department of 10 different agencies that couldn't care less about diversifying.

Some of the tables won't be staffed at all. They'll just put up signs asking for resumes to be dropped off.

Not many potential candidates will attend, because word gets around that no heavy hitters will be there.

Then the agencies will complain that there are no black candidates.

The circle jerk continues.